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You Were Born To Succeed!
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Giving value and worth to people on earth™


Whether it’s for business, personal life or both, Destiny 100 Institute can help you design and carry out a plan to get there, utilizing a special focus on Time and Money.

Clarify your mission, objective or dream.


Discover the Seven Keys To Success - tools you can use for the rest of your life.


Find out how to get unstuck.


Dig deeper to uncover talents and skills that will contribute to accomplishing the desired result.


Define your "drivers", that is, what drives you, the bedrock values that keep you on course.


Find out how to face challenges and win again and again.

What sets us apart:

Clarify your vision, define your purpose, set goals, chart your course move forward to reach your version of the Uncommon. Be a success.

One River. Two Streams.


Corporate training
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Personal fulfillment <discover more>

Whether in personal life or business, the "river" or flow of Destiny 100 Institute is to help you maximize how you spend your time and use your money to

- Fulfill your desired dream or vision

- Build value - in who you are (whether corporate or individuals)

Metaphorically speaking, it's writing your story and singing your song.


Testimonials - click right, left to see more

  • I was given something that I can use and share the rest of my life.

  • I have been to many goal-setting and planning seminars. This one is the best. I went away with practical help and real-life steps to take.

  • Professionally, I had put myself in a mold.  I discovered that my aptitude scope was wider than I thought.

  • Now it is up to me.  But I know what to do and how to do it. This was a life changer.

  • There’s a song that talks about being at the bottom of the ocean floor. I was below the ocean floor. Through the prayers of some faithful friends and Julie’s coaching, I am now sailing in a windjammer, enjoying life at its fullest.

  • What a workshop.  I received wisdom and enlightenment. I am encouraged to intentionally, with great passion, to go after my goals and Life-Vision.

  • We are all so busy working and rarely take time to do something like this.  It stirred my creativity. I noticed a change in approaching my business - thinking out of the box!

  • There’s a song that talks about being at the bottom of the ocean floor.  I was below the ocean floor.  It seemed like I had made more mistakes than I could ever recover from. Though I kept going, I was truly struggling to believe I could ever get out of that hole.  But through the prayers of some faithful friends and Julie’s coaching, I am now sailing in a windjammer, enjoying life at its fullest.

  • I was in the military and did the college thing.  I’ve worked in a couple of fields while still moving toward the place I want to land long term – what I really want to do.  Not long after I did the Destiny Experience I was asked to do a short term sales assignment.  I dreaded it because I’ve never been good at sales.  I didn’t think I could do it.  So I used the steps and techniques in the “Challenges” module of the Destiny Workshop.  I did the sales training and went for it.  Though this is not permanent, I am doing something I thought couldn’t do and making money at it!

  • The Seven Keys To Success are my new deal-maker.

  • I was asked to help make some costumes for a locally produced musical.  My sewing machine hadn’t been working – very frustrating.  I used the principles of the 5 Minute Miracle to stay calm and get through it all. And you know what?  It worked!  Everything was finished on time.

  • People at work used say things like, ‘It seems like you are always happy.’ Somehow that slipped away. The program and workshop showed me how to get back to being happy all the time by using some of the techniques Julie taught.

  • I got the needed training and overcame my fears. I’ve learned so much.

  • What a great event. I left feeling inspired and looking forward to using what I learned both in business and home.